Service Time Details

Our Schedule

1st, and 3rd Sundays:

  • 9:30-10:00 Amazing Grace Café
  • 10:00 – 11:10’ish Worship Service
  • 11:10’ish Amazing Grace Café
  • 11:45’ish   Prayer together in the Commons

2nd and 4th Sundays:

  •  9:30-10:00 Amazing Grace Café
  • 10:00 – 11:10’ish Worship Service
  • 11:10-11:20’ish Amazing Grace Café
  • 11:20 – 12:00’ish Cornerstone Family Life Hour  (CFL) Discuss sermon, discuss current events, pray, celebrate communion together.
  •  12:00’ish   Love Feast  (A bountiful feast held in our Fellowship Hall.)
About Us

Darryl Knappen

Pastor Darryl has served Cornerstone since 1994 as lead pastor. He graduated from… (more)

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