Our Top 7 Values

The Top Seven Values of Cornerstone.

Cornerstone’s Core Values

Cornerstone is not merely a place, but a group of people who desire to live as followers of Jesus and to make a difference in our city for Christ. We do this. . .

For God’s Glory.
In all the universe, there is nothing more important than God, God’s glory is the radiance of all that He is, and is what we are created to enjoy. Therefore, all of our ministries and efforts are about glorifying God and we will aim to worship God in all that we do, not just in our corporate worship alone, but through the rest of our lives as well.

“It ain’t about us, it’s about God.”

By God’s grace.
The grace of God shall permeate all that we do. We acknowledge that our only hope for a restored relationship with God is through the grace given to us at the cross of Jesus Christ. We will operate in a spirit of grace and humility, and will allow ourselves to be broken over sin.

“We are all poster children for grace.”

Through the Truth of the Word of God.
The Bible is our source of truth and our guide for living. Real life change happens only when it brings our lives into alliance with the God-inspired words of Scripture. We value teaching, preaching, studying, and meditating upon God’s word.

“God’s Word changes lives!”

Depending on God through the Holy Spirit.
We have no desire to have the ministry of this church be powered on our own strength. We will rely on the Holy Spirit to lead, empower, and comfort us as we eagerly learn how to personally and corporately pray and worship.

“Be a sailboat catching the wind of the Spirit – not a speedboat, under your own power.”

Because lost people matter to God.
The reason we desire to minister to others is because people, all people, matter to God. No matter how far away from God they may be, they all matter to God (Luke 15). Therefore we will be relevant by being contemporary and removing any unnecessary obstacle to help people see Jesus Christ. We want to honor where each person is at in their spiritual journey, while encouraging them to go farther. We will do this in a God-honoring manner.

“Lost people matter to God.”

Therefore we aim to make missional disciples.
Through the loving relationships and the community created at Cornerstone Church, we aim to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through study and service. We highly value our Gospel Communities that help facilitate these kinds of life long, authentic, God-centered friendships.

“Make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

Ultimately to spread the Kingdom of God.
We believe that as believers, we are on the offensive in a spiritual battle and therefore we will seek to go into the kingdom of darkness to do as much damage as we possibly can. We value kingdom of God related prayer, outreach, service, church planting, and leadership development to accomplish this.

“Trashing the kingdom of darkness for the glory of God.”

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