Our Preaching Distinctives

If you are looking for a new church home, you may be wondering what kind of content you will be hearing from the preaching time at Cornerstone.  The following summary should clarify for you our general themes.


  1. The Gospel will be paramount.  In other words every sermon will in some way point to one or more of the following five aspects of Christ’s mission and message which is:
    • To have one’s sins removed so that the penalty for one’s sins can be avoided forever and he/she can then be reconciled to God.
    • To have the power of sin and Satan broken in one’s life so that one is no longer addicted to sinful, destructive behavior.
    • To have a new disposition that truly changes one’s heart and makes one inclined to obey and love God.
    • To live unselfishly for others as we were designed to live.
    • To live in community with others where one can be supported, encouraged, loved, and cared for and where one’s gifts will be used to support, encourage, love and care for others.


  2. Our pastor and elders are Reformed in their theological understanding of Scripture, which means that they see God as sovereign over all His creation and especially in regards to the salvation of individuals.  They preach their convictions in this regard making God all glorious in His sovereignty while holding man yet accountable for his actions and choices.  This does not mean however, that members of Cornerstone must agree with every aspect of Reformed Theology to be welcomed and active members of the family at Cornerstone.


  3. Our pastor and elders are Complementarian in their views regarding the role of men and women in the home and in the church.  This means that they see Scripture clearly making both men and women equal in their worth before God, yet distinct in their God-assigned roles in their respective spheres.
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