What style of worship will I experience at Cornerstone?

You will experience a worshipful blend of songs that make Jesus the focus of our adoration. Our service is not the traditional liturgical type where people stand and sit, reciting from texts and responding on cue according to the liturgy planned by the denomination. Nor is it a spectator type of service where all the music is performed by a worship team and worshipers simply listen. Worshipers are encouraged to participate in singing easy-to-sing songs once they catch the melody. The sermon is usually 30 minutes long and the service will last about 75 minutes.

Is there a nursery available for my child?

Yes. Our up-to-date and light-and-airy nursery accommodates children up to age 3 and is fully staffed by qualified mothers  who take their ministry of caring for our children very seriously.

What should I wear?

 You would be very comfortable wearing dressy/casual clothes. 


 Would I be embarrassed if I showed up late?

 We would rather our guests come late than not at all! So please come and slip in anywhere in the Worship Center (we try to reserve back rows for latecomers) if your schedule prevents you from joining us right at the start of the service.


What kind of preaching will I mainly hear?

 Our pastor preaches through Bible books in what is known as an expositional style of preaching. Our elders believe that the best “spiritual diet” for Christians is the whole counsel of God, with an emphasis on the New Testament Scriptures and inside those, an emphasis on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Please click here to pursue more of what you will hear in terms of the content of our preaching at Cornerstone.  It will take you to Our Preaching Distinctives page.


Am I allowed to take communion at Cornerstone?

 Yes, providing that you have personally accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are living in obedience to Him. You do not have to be a member of Cornerstone to take communion when it is served once a month on the first Sunday, and in our Cornerstone Family Life hour on the second and fourth Sundays at 11:15 am.


Where is the Worship Center located?

 If you come in the west doors (off Hawthorne Ave.) the Worship Center is directly ahead and to your right. If you come in the south doors, off the parking lot, the Worship Center will be upstairs and to your right.


Where can I park?

 Off-street parking is available in our south parking lot. The entrance is off of Hawthorne Ave. or through the alleyway between Hawthorne and Irving.


Can I be anonymous in my worship?

 Do you mean can you sample us first before you decide to plunge in and make yourself known to the Cornerstone worshipers? It’s best to sample us through our audio sermons in this web site first, because when you come, you will find a naturally friendly group of people who desire to make newcomers not feel like strangers but as welcomed guests. We have chosen to err on the side of friendliness rather than on holding back and not offending people’s desire for privacy. Having said that, we promise that no one will be knocking on your door the day after you visit us, or at any time without your invitation. You may receive a letter in the mail thanking you for your attendance, but you will find no pressure from us to get you to return if you did not find what you expected at Cornerstone.